Education is a key factor that help any country to promote its economy, financial conditions etc. Any country must have strong education system that packed of recent affairs of world, updated sallybus and strong exam system. Beside this teachers play vital role in building up good and strong educational system. Every educational system have some problem that had serious effects on country’s reputation and financial and economic conditions. Let’s explore the top five concerns currently facing UK education:

Teacher Recruitment and Retention:

Recurring professional and qualified teachers is an important part of educational system. There are many factors that affect teaching profession or job like high workload, low salaries rather than other professions, a good working environment etc. These factors had great impact on students learning and create instability within schools and other educational institutes. 

Funding Disparity:

There are many schools, colleges and universities that fulfill their dues and other expenditures from government funding. But there is gap between funded school and private institutes. Lack of funds can lead to lack of resources, potentially hindering opportunities for students, lack of better facilities, smaller size classes etc.

The Achievement Gap:

There are many factors that affect the academic performance of students. Factors like social, economy has great impact. These factors can cause lack of confident, students feel loneliness, harassment, promote inequality. By giving fundamental support can descend this gap.

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Many schools, colleges and universities put immense pressure on students, students also feel pressure due to exams and maintaining good performance. All these things put great pressure of students which cause anxiety and depression. Anxiety and pressure worsen the mental health and well-being of students.

Balancing Testing and Creativity:

Standards of testing can stifle the creativity and critical thinking skills of students. Government should lower their testing standards and change their testing curriculum, this help students and change their mind.